Our Laboratory is well equipped with all required field and laboratory instruments/equipments to carry out the necessary tests as per client’s requirements. A partial list of the instruments/equipments is as given below:

PM 10/ PM 2.5 Sampler-Respirable Dust Sampler-High Volume Sampler

Stack Gas Sampler -Auto Stack Analyser- Portable Combustible Gas Analyser

Portable VOC Analyser-Noise Meter-Portable Weather Station

GPS Unit-Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Gas Chromatograph

Digital Spectrophotometer-Microprocessor Based Photometer-pH Meter

Conductivity Meter-TDS meter-Turbidity Meter

DO Meter-BOD Auto Analyser-Thermo-reactor/ Digester

BOD Incubator-Bacteriological Incubator-Hot Air Oven

Autoclave-High Precision Digital Balance-Water Distillation Unit

Apart from the above, the Laboratory has sufficient stock of all necessary chemicals, reagents, glassware & plastic ware etc.


Panning is afoot to further augment the present setup with sophisticated and high end instruments like Ion Chromatograph, Microprocessor based Air Quality Analyser etc. in the near future.